COVID crisis: IT in Bastia is doing well

RCFM's "La Nouvelle Eco" is interested this week in economic sectors that are not experiencing the crisis ...They are, in spite of themselves, the big winners of the Covid economy.Among them: multimedia.computers, tablets, webcams and other printers have exploded.

In the Espace Média store in Bastia, activity has never been as strong as in 2020 ...The flagship product remains the laptop.François Luciani, the store manager, recorded an increase in sales between 5 and 10%: "I think people have equipped themselves to work from home, or to take care of the time they have to spend at home.Overall, we have sold more computers and accessories (headsets and microphones), but also printers and tablets, this is really what we have sold the most ”.

Sales of new and used computers and also a lot of repairs during this period: "_ we also did repairs and maintenances_, people had computers which they no longer used at all and which they had to update.throughout this period ”.

Teleworkers, students, high school students, college students ...

The store saw the arrival of new customers.And with a relatively higher average basket: "people come less to make small purchases, but suddenly, they regroup their needs and the average basket has increased by nearly 20%", specifies François Luciani.

Faced with growing demand, the main difficulty was that of restocking: "we had to consult a lot of suppliers to restock", explains the store manager, "the biggest difficulty for us was to have stock., it's something that had to be managed, especially at the end of the year."In the meantime, this success of multimedia tools required a strengthening of the teams:" we had to recruit an additional person after confinement and we are looking for one more person, ”says François Luciani, who therefore does not have to endure the crisis, but rather the growing competition from web merchants.

Posted Date: 2021-02-13

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