The Best VPS for Software Development

VPS for Software DevelopmentIf you are among the software developers who would like to make it big in the industry, it is imperative that you consider the right server that can support their website needs. There are a lot of servers available in the market these days and most promise different benefits that could make or break a website. It is important that you understand all the types of servers so that you can properly weigh what will work best on you.

Now, you have to assess different things such as your website traffic, contents and budget. Ideally, choosing a VPS for software development website will work best because it provides adequate space and bandwidth at an affordable rate – very appropriate for software developers who are not really earning massive amount of money. It is way cheaper than a dedicated server but provides the same functionality. VPS for software development is surely beneficial specifically if we are going to consider the expenses that must be covered. Overhead expenses are controlled efficiently.

When compared to shared hosting, a VPS for software development will provide the owner the capability to use and upload several applications to finish all the tasks. There are a lot of needed applications that are necessary, but with VPS, you are guaranteed that you may be able to set up and ran your software smoothly of this particular web host type. They also have effective partitioning system that permits the user to have a total control of his website under the control panel. They have several perks such as MySQL database, multiple email accounts, domains and sub-domains, and many more.

You should be aware how demanding software development is, therefore, choosing the right server where you can save all the files so as to be accessed by the client right away should be on top of your priority. Choose the right VPS for software development in order for you not to face any probable issue, or if in case a mishap will arise, your VPS provider should be able to attend to your concerns immediately and fix the issues so as to not affect the revenue that will knock your door. There are a lot of VPS providers available these days so you have to be very careful at all times. Settle for something affordable but should also be robust and reliable at all times because internal problems could lead to major errors on your website.



Phases of Software Development

In order to create a quality software, there should be some kind of steps or phases. Just like the scientific method, we have the software development phases. Thought the software development cycle can be defined in different ways by different organizations, there are major principles, which are present all of them.

Usually, there are six key phases of software development and we are going to discuss them here.

Requirement gathering and analysis

This is the first stage of software development and this involves the brainstorming phase. This is the main focus of the stakeholders and project managers. There will be meetings in order to determine things such as the intended target audience of the software, how they will use the system, the data that the system needs, the data that the system will output, etc. Those are some of the basic questions tackled during the meeting and it will allow the development go smoother when they exactly know who are they targeting and what are they going to develop.

The entire system will then be defined in detail and the developer will get a blueprint.

System Design

This is where the system is designed. In this phase of development, the system analyst and designer will work together to design and analyze the front end and back end software design. System design also helps define hardware and system requirements and will also help in defining the overall system architecture.


This is the lengthy part begins. This is where a team of programmers will work to put the project to life. Usually, the coding is divided into different parts and each task is assigned to a specific coder, which will make the development process faster. Usually, this phase takes years if not months especially for complex systems and software.


This is the part where the developed code is testes against the requirements to make necessary changes and improvements. This will define whether the actual problem or task is being fulfilled. The quality analysts make sure that there are no bugs or errors as well as security problems exist upon releasing the software to the public. Once it passed the testing phase, the next stage is set.


After the product is tested and is ready for use, it is then deployed to the users and buyers; it can also be referred to as the beta phase where limited number of people receives the product to test it with their system and hardware. If it runs smoothly, then it is ready to be launched to the general consumers.


Once the customers gets the product, actual problems can arise and the developers can release support or patches to fix these and solve them from time to time.

Best Programming Languages to Learn

If you are dreaming of becoming a software developer, you will eventually need to pick a language to master, though learning many different languages can be a great advantage. But in order to become a successful software developer, you should learn and master one or two languages, which will greatly help you to achieve better results when developing a particular app or software. Or probably, you are looking for the highest paying programming languages? Well, whatever your reasons are, here are some of the best programming languages to learn.


While this is considered to be one of the younger programming languages if compared to old giants like C and C++, this gained a lot of popularity over the past decade because of its compile once and run anywhere model. If you want to build cross platform apps, this could be the best choice and learning Java, you can learn to code a software for everything, from computers to mobile phones.


This is probably one of the oldest programming languages and this was the inspiration for many of the newer programming languages that occurred today, including Java. C is used mostly for implementing operating systems and embedded systems. It’s a low-level language and is probably harder to learn than Java. But if you plan on working with operating and embedded systems, this is probably your best bet.


C++ is more like C with a plus. In fact, it was created as an extension of the C language, is intended to become the successor of C. This is a programming language that you’ll want to learn if you want to develop system software, application software, server apps and video games. Well, if you want to be a game developer, C++ is your best bet.

Objective C

If you want to develop apple apps and software, this is the programming language for you. This is also the programming language you want to learn if you want to develop for the iPhone and Mac.


If we have a programming language for Apple, we also have a programming language for windows and that’s C#. Pronounced a C-sharp, this is the programming language you’ll want to learn if you’re going to develop Microsoft apps. This programming language combines the principles of C and C++. If you want to become a master of the Windows platform, learning C# is your best bet.


PHP stand for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is the language of the web. If you want to learn creating web apps, just like WordPress, PHP is your language. Though it’s now a scripting language, PHP is still on great demand when it comes to web development. Even Facebook uses this language. If you want to become a web developer, this is your best bet.

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